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Residential complex “Parisian Quarter” 26.03.2015 Residential complex “Parisian Quarter”

“Parisian Quarter” residential complex is a pearl in the necklace of Astana – the city of bold architectural solutions.

Residential complex “Milanese Quarter” 25.03.2015 Residential complex “Milanese Quarter”

Location: “Milanese Quarter” residential complex is located in one of the bedroom districts of Astana, at the boundary of the historic center and the new administrative center of the city.

BI Village 18.03.2015 BI Village

A new style of modern and successful people is a cottage in the countryside, beautiful garden, opportunity to be friends with neighbors, safety and a lot of space for children.

Expo Boulevard 15.03.2015 Expo Boulevard

The construction of Expo Boulevard residential complex is conducted in a modern and dynamically developing district of Astana – square of Khussein ben Talal, Orynbor, Turar Ryskulov streets and Kabanbai Batyr avenue. Such location shall ensure for residents perfect transport avaliability and allow witnessing a grand event EXPO-2017 International Exhibition.

Residential complex "Promenade Expo" 15.03.2015 Residential complex "Promenade Expo"

Promenade Expo – is a new age real estate of comfort class.

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