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The Second International Charitable “BI Marathon”


The Second International “BI Marathon” took place on May 28, 2017 in Astana. It is a sporting event that unites many people around both charity and a healthy lifestyle. About 5000 people registered to take part in the races. More than 3 thousand of them are employees of the BI Group company. 1,5 thousand people are residents of the capital, representatives of Kazakhstan's regions and foreigners. The youngest participant was 8 years old and the oldest one was 74.
The idea of the Marathon belongs to the people of goodwill who help others unselfishly; all the funds from the registration were given to the charitable foundation “BI-Zhuldyzai”.
According to the director of the fund Gulhan Isabaeva, the second children's rehabilitation center will be opened this year in Astana, medical equipment will be purchased for the rehabilitation of children by the aid of the participants of the “BI Marathon”. Because of the increase in participants, the fund plans to spend the rest of the money on surgeries for children with disabilities
As in the past year, the marathon distances were 5, 10, 21 and 42.2 km. More than 100 children ran a symbolic distance of 1.5 km and received, like an adults, medals of a marathon. Fans of team competitions experienced their strength in the relay race.

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