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The future has come: "Smart" house as the standard of houses in Kazakhstan


Opening the doors of your apartment with a fingerprint, recognizing intruders by face with the help of electronics, charging the phone with solar panels and controlling climate and engineering networks with the one button ... Just recently we could only dream of such technologies, but all these fantastic ideas are embodied in Astana.

Having visited the newly built complex "Green Quarter" in the capital, you can see that the Kazakhstan construction industry has made a significant breakthrough. This is not the whims of the project designer, but the high requirements of the LEED rating. "Green Quarter" have passed the LEED certification and de facto received an international quality mark, corresponding to the world parameters of ecological housing.
“The smart house includes both standard functions, such as IP-video doorphone, surveillance and security system and an electronic lock on the entrance door with biometrics, as well as additional functions, such as full automatic lighting control, climate control systems and monitoring systems detectors," said Yerbulat Mukashev, director of the project "Green Quarter”.

Control over the access to buildings and monitoring of the territory, as well as engineering networks is carried out from one control room. But the main economy is energy efficiency. For example, the consumption of thermal energy will be lower due to the use of energy-saving double-glazed windows and smart radiators that can keep heat.
It is worth noting that the system of outdoor and facade lighting, which is made from alternative sources of energy, automatically regulate the brightness of luminaires depending on the time of day and human movements. 240 square meters of solar panels and 8 wind turbines, which ensure the complete autonomy of the system, are implemented in the “Green quarter”.
It seems that "Green Quarter" set a goal to destroy stereotypes. The first charging system for electric cars in Kazakhstan was opened here.
There is also a responsible approach to the waste collection. The waste recycling system can also be called "smart", it presupposes separate collection of waste in five types, their compaction and further processing.
“This is certainly a unique experience for our team. We understand the quality of construction we must achieve. The head of state also expressed the wish for Kazakhstan to implement such high standards of housing in future, and we will strive towards that goal. Today "Green quarter" is included in the tourist route during the EXPO-2017,” - noted Aydin Rakhimbaev, the head of the company BI Group.

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