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The first residents of the innovation complex: "We have received twice as much as we expected!"


The first family who received the keys to the apartment in the innovative complex "Green Quarter" was the Seisetov family. Daulet and Dinara have purchased a four-room apartment.
“When choosing a complex, we took into account all the factors. The most important thing was the district: we were looking for a house that would be located on the left bank, in a new developing center,” said Daulet.
If the location and the project owner were paramount for the head of the family, then for the lady of the future house criteria was different.
“We were interested in modern design, park area and pond near the house. This is a unique and interesting project! And you can save on utilities due to modern technologies! What I saw today exceeded all my expectations!” noted Dinara.
The Seisetov family has already begun to repair their long-awaited apartment. We congratulate new residents!

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