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Everyone ran, and I ran!


With each passing day, there are more BI Group’s members who are fond of running. Yesterday, 184 employees of our company conquered the Almaty Marathon.
If 94 employees supported the charity event last year, and only 13 of them became marathon runners, today 142 people ran a full marathon distance of 42 km and 195 m. The BI Group team became the most numerous team at this distance!
Our favorite Aydin Kasen took the prize-winning third place with the result of 2 hours 35 minutes and 50 seconds. Women's team also doesn't lag behind in terms of growth. If in the last year we had only one participant at the longest distance, this year there are already 6. Dinara Sadvokasova, Nauryz Serkebaeva, Dana Kuatova, Aidana Daukenova, Saule Dekiezhanova and Gulnur Tleshova are the pride of our company!

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