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Happy Victory Day! Happy Victory Day!

Following the good tradition, on the eve of the "holiday with the tears in the eyes" BI Group’s employees congratulated the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front toilers, heroes of labour and veterans of the Afghan war with the Great Victory Day.

Silver at Astana Amateur Hockey League! Silver at Astana Amateur Hockey League!

BI Group’s ice hockey team has silver medals of the Astana Amateur Hockey League in the Debutant Tournament! Congratulations, guys! This is a huge achievement for the team, which debuted in the League only in the last year and could not get into the playoffs in the last season.

Five steps to the perfection Five steps to the perfection
03.05.2017 Perhaps you didn’t know this, but since the brand foundation every letter of the "Hilton" title has its own meaning. The founder's name has become an anagram. H - hospitality, I - integrity, L - leadership, T - teamwork, O - ownership, N – now. It is amazing how these concepts precisely relate to the activities of our company.

Subbotnik as a holiday. Subbotnik as a holiday.
01.05.2017 Today, according to the good tradition, employees of the BI Group company went out to the city's subbotnik (voluntary day of labour).

Seek specialists among the students. Seek specialists among the students.
27.04.2017 Aigerim Kaldybekova the coordinator of the program "BI Intern" and Aigul Sagenova the HR manager of Holding-3 took part in the conference "International Career Day of the UrFU" (or "CareerFest").