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MSHC-Astana Division

About Division

Construction, implementation and maintenance of low-rise cottage-type residential complexes comprise the main direction of the activity of Individual Housing Construction Division, created in February, 2012. Cottage villages and country living are becoming more popular, because it is not just a place of residence far from noisy city, but profitable investment as well. Therefore, active position held by BI Group Holding on the market of multistory housing construction and in the segment of individual housing construction is logical and reasonable.

Individual Housing Construction Division presents new tendencies of country housing with developed infrastructure on the left bank of Astana. There are over 100,000 square meters constructed.

The construction of entertainment centers is another direction of activity. Astana Music Hall restaurant, which was constructed in a record short period, is an interesting and vivid project, which became one of sights of the left bank of Astana.

Since September 2013, Individual Housing Construction Division has been modified into two individual subdivisions – IHC Division and LRC Division. Huge scope of work and high demand for country housing will allow both divisions (in each particular segment) constructing cottage villages effectively.


Division management:

Director General of MSHC-Astana Development Division – Yentibayev Yestai ;

Acting Financial Director of MSHC-Astana Development Division – Zhakupova Nurgul

Project Manager of “BI Village Comfort”, turn 3, “BI Village Deluxe”, turn 3– Kudabayev Marat ;

Project Manager of  “Kamal” RC, turn 1- Kassenov Yermek ;

Acting Project Manager of “Arnau” RC, turns 4, 9 and 10 - Ayupov Abusaid;

Project Manager of  “Kamal” RC, turn 2 and 3- Kuanyshpaev Kairat
 Karasu Reception Home Project Manager - Begalin Yerlan 


MSHC-Astana Division presents premium and business class projects, BI Village Deluxe and BI Village Comfort cottage villages, and BI Town a club-type residential complex.

BI Village provides for high quality of houses and developed infrastructure; the combination of urban conveniences and comfort with absolute advantages of a country house, such as fresh air, nature, household plot, etc.; central security and equal residents set, which ensures the high level of comfort.

First cottage village constructed in BI Village residential community was named Almaly, consisting of 93 cottages. The second queue consists of two parts - BI Village Comfort and BI Village Deluxe.

Green line alley of 4.5 km, decorated with beautiful lamps, benches and planting, will pass over the whole community.

There are playgrounds for children in the territory of BI Village cottage village. There are also basketball and volleyball areas for team game players. There will also be parking, restaurants, cafes, and supermarket. The second queue provides for the construction of school and kindergarten.

BI Town is a club-type private residence, located in quiet place on the left bank of Astana with favorable ecology. New low-rise residential complex of 4-5 floors is the best option for comfortable life.


7 E235, Yessil District, Astana. Tel. 8 (7172) 68-56-77