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MDU Premium Division

About division

In 2012, the Holding has entered a new market segment – the premium real estate. Residential neighborhoods club "Paris", "Milan", "British", residential complexes «Viva Plaza», «Arcade Triumph», «Park Avenue», «Bi-City» and "Premiere!" – Implementation of projects in this area has become for companies a new stage of development.

In 2013, for the optimization of multi-storey residential building on the basis of the Development Division created two divisions: YRC-Astana and YRC-Premium. Division Development of YRC Premium (high-rise housing estates) – the construction of housing premium, capable of satisfying the most demanding customers.


Long-term experience of the Holding in the construction industry and high professionalism of its employees allow the company to implement projects meeting international standards of premium class housing.

Division administration:

Director General of MHC-Premium Division – Akhmetov Arman 

Financial Director of MHC-Premium Division – Shayakhmetov Kairat 

HR Director of MHC-Premium Division – Zhussieva Ainur 

Administrative Director of MHC-Premium Division – Rashitov Maksat 

Project Manager of “Parisian Quarter” RC, “Milanese Quarter” RC– Kulbaev Saken   

Project Manager of “Triumph Arch” RC - Sadyrbai Uali

Project Manager of “Premier” RC – Sadykov Kaiyrgeldy 

Project Manager of “Park Avenue” RC – Aitkazin Danaikhan 

Project Manager of “Green Block” RC – Mukashev Yerbulat 


Milanese, Parisian, British Quarters, “Premiere” and “Viva Plaza” residential complexes are modern complexes for a conceptually new lifestyle, where every little thing matters: from elegant architecture and technical equipment of buildings to 24-hour concierge service. The first house of the Parisian Quarter was already commissioned and presented in September 2012. Five more are currently under construction.

“Viva Plaza” residential complex of premium class is one of the interesting projects of the MDU Development Division. Apartments of the complex have final finishing, individual design, inbuilt household appliances and the “smart house” system.

“Premiere” residential complex is worth noting too. Its creative elements make the complex a unique facility not only in the country’s real estate market, but also in foreign markets. This is the only residential complex whose houses embody different branches of art, underground parking impresses with its design and every storey of a house has its own soul…

  • Parisian Quarter

  • British Quarter

  • British Quarter

  • “Premiere” residential complexes

  • “Viva Plaza” residential complexes

  • "BI-City" residential complexes

  • "Park Avenue" residential complexes

  • Triumph Arch


Head office address: MHC “Premier-2”, Office 9, 9 Kabanbay Batyr Avenue, Astana

Contact phone number:  +7 (7172) 680-503