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Division of Almaty multi storey residential building

About division

A new stage of development of BI Group Holding was the moment of entering regional real estate markets: the company launched promising projects in Almaty. The Development Division of Almaty (multi-storey residential complexes) is responsible for implementation of these projects. It was formed in September of 2011.

The division united several companies. “Astana Realty Plus” LLP is responsible for the draft plan of the residential complex “Asyl Tau” in Almaty.

“Ana-Zher Kurylys” is responsible for “Korkem Tau” residential complex.

 “ABK Kurylys-3” is a general constructor of Almaty projects such as “Korkem Tau”, “Navoi”, “Hyundai Center”.

 Now, there is one more direction that has recently received a boost in its development, it is construction of cottage villages in Atyrau.

«BI Almaty Projects» LLP is implementing the project of “Sezam” residential complex in Almaty.


 Director General of MRC-Almaty Division– Mukataev Aidos 

Deputy Project Director of MRC-Almaty – Aldamzharov Maksut 

Technical Director of MRC-Almaty – Ramazanov Nazim 


Project Manager of “Asyl Tau” RC, turn 3, “Sezam” RC – Mukataev Aidos Orazovich


While choosing a property modern people always strive for comfort, beauty and well-developed infrastructure. It is a residential complex that combines all of these requirements, is built on top of the city of Almaty, Bostandyk district, and has intricate name "Sesame".

"Sesame" is located near the neighborhood "Orbit", at the intersection of Navoi and Toraigyrov. This place, according to the ecological map of Almaty, is considered the most clean and green area in the city. Many green spaces are the "lungs" of the city, good air flow through the area and the proximity of the majestic mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau make this area one of the most favorable places to stay in Almaty. Almost every window of the residential complex "Sesame" will provide a unique, stunning view of the quaint slopes and ridges of Trans-Ili Alatau panorama of the city.


Residential complex Sesame

Residential complex Asyl Tau


Almaty, 7A Egizbayev St

Tel.  8(727) 323 68 68