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IHC-Astana Division

About Division

IHC-Astana Development Division presents country real estate democratic projects – Family Village and Garden Village cottage villages.

Duplexes, quadrohouses, split houses, single-owner cottages – the choice depends on clients’ preferences.

In 2013 one of important projects run by IHC Division within the framework of Family Village was the project “Cottage construction in 18 days” implemented on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of Holding, and which raised high interest in the society. IHC team finished the construction early, in 16 days and 20 hours, and once again proved its high professionalism.


Team of IHC Division is the team of high-qualified specialists with wide experience in the construction of country houses. They are highly qualified specialists who know what they do very well and which allows doing any work quickly and at a high level regardless of the conditions or circumstances faced during the construction process. Totally, about 300 people work in the division.

Division management:

Director General of IHC-Astana Development Division - Ismagulov Almat ; 
Financial Director of IHC-Astana Development Division – Raimkulova Gaukhar ; 
HR Director of IHC-Astana Development Division – Oshaganova Makhabbat ; 
Project Manager “EXPO Boulevard – 1,4,5” RC – Belobrov Igor ; 
Acting Project Manager “EXPO Boulevard – 3,6” RC – Kabylkas Arman; 
Acting Project Manager “Garden Village – sector 1” cottage village, “Arman Kala – turn 7” RC (Parking) – Tashenov Serikbay ; 
Project Manager “EXPO Residence” RC (E, F blocks) – Korpitanov Marat ; 
Project Manager “EXPO Residence” RC (D block) – Lesbekov Arman .


Family Village cottage village is the comfort class project, which provides for the combination of commercial aspects with the solution of social issues. Design characteristic of Family Village is the provision of safe and happy life: a school, a kindergarten, sport areas and playgrounds, parks, alleys, shops, and cafes.

Garden Village is a cottage village, presented by comfortable cottages constructed in the classic English style. The location is one of advantages of this village. Garden Village is located in picturesque place on the left bank of Astana, along Karkaraly high road, near to Nura-Yessil, a waterway of Astana. “Green belt” of Astana comprises a recreational zone of the village; there are two thousand hectares of forest plantations, such as birch, willow, maple, wattle, apple tree, and bird cherry tree. According to project authors, the nature inspired them to Garden Village construction. Even the layout is designed in the form of trefoil leaf. The settlement of pheasants in nearly located forest was symbolic at the project presentation; it shall be considered as the personification of the harmony between Garden Village and the nature. Developer is planning to settle the area not only with birds, but also animals, for example, roe deers, and squirrels.

There is a well-developed infrastructure. There are parks, alleys, bicycle tracks, fitness center, café and restaurants, sport areas and playgrounds, as well as private school and kindergartens. Garden Village cottage village has other advantages as well – central communications, safety and high service level.


Astana, Kurgaldzhino Highway, 19 BC "Kurgaldzhino",

Tel.: +7 (7172) 507-877