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February 27, 2015 at the first annual Construction Forum BI GROUP announced the basic principles of our company's work with partners - transparency and zero tolerance for corruption. Unfortunately, there is evidence of corruption, which interfere with the normal, healthy development of the business. Each illegal voznagrazhdenie- directly affects the quality and timing, and ultimately the reputation of the entire business as a whole. Business does not have to give kickbacks. Below are the main provisions, compliance with which will help our further fruitful cooperation:

If your company in relation to unlawful acts take place, aimed at getting illegal remuneration from our staff (regardless of rank "from the ordinary performers to the top management"), you must report it at the following contacts. Upon confirmation, the person will be dismissed without the right to future employment in the company. The reason for the dismissal is not related to the provision of information (strict confidentiality), and your company will continue to work with us.

If you know the facts of misconduct that occur now or were not directly related to you, but related to corrupt practices when working on projects of the holding must be notified of this information at the following contacts. Privacy - guaranteed. In the case of confirmation of the information and identify the damage we are willing to pay up to 10% 0% of the money paid by the losses incurred by our company, and 50% in the case where the information received by the losses will be reimbursed.

In case of corruption by the subcontractor with our employees (regardless of rank "from the ordinary performers to the top management") contract will be canceled, the losses will be brought and collected from the company's 10 times the size. Further cooperation is terminated, the Company entered into a "black list" without the possibility of future contractual relations and new contracts. Further information will be communicated to the Association of builders of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Association Avtodorozhnik about what the company is dishonest business.

The main goal of any biznesa- profit. I believe that these measures will help us to jointly achieve new heights.

Contact Us Economic Security Service BI GROUP:Тел. +7 777 110 3366; +77771103045

Email: stop_corruption@bi-group.kz


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