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The whole history of the company since 1995

Due to the transfer of capital to Astana it was decided to found ABK-Kurylys LLP, a perspective construction subdivision.
First housing facilities are constructed. The staff level reached beyond 1,000 employees.
More than 20 residential complexes are constructed, total area reached beyond 600K sq.m. Construction works on 20 objects are carried out simultaneously. The share of supply comprises 18% of total volume on the Astana real estate market. BI Group JSC is restructured into holding, which includes construction, production and industrial, investment, and development divisions.
Following the recovery from crisis the time of new possibilities started to BI Group. That time BI group Holding presented to President N.A. Nazarbayev an important project on the Left Ban of Astana – BI Village residential community. Kazakhdorstroi, affiliate company of BI Group Holding, won “the struggle” for the construction of three lots under Western Europe – Western China project. Company erected buildings and railways at Akzhaiyk, Aktogai, and Dostyk stations. Company also participated in the construction of Astana-Borovoye autobahn, the first autobahn in Kazakhstan. The practice of construction of bridges and overhead crossings is being accrued.
BI Group Holding produces unique international class products -organized country cottages with well-developed infrastructureand European club-type premium class quarters. Company holds active position at international and regional building markets. In 2012, Holding launched projects in Moscow and Almaty. Construction works under Altynkol station project, prime node of Zhetigen-Korgas transnational trunk line. Company started the construction of Beineu-Shalkar (in Mangystau Region and Aktobe Region) and Arkalyk-Shubarkol (in Turgai Region and Karaganda Region) railroad lines. KazPACO road company joined BI Group Holding. Two sections of Western Europe –Western China traffic project are commissioned successfully (several months before the set time).
BI Group changes the management scheme. There are two groups established on the basis of the company - BI Group Construction and BI Group, the first one deals with tender projects, and the last one with development. The purpose of separation is to increase the efficiency of company activity with various customers, management structure, and project implementation.
















New history
Graduates of Akmola Engineering and Construction Institute founded a company operating in the sphere of grain, cereal products, flour and fuel trading.
Food and fuel trading operations are terminated. Construction group’s headquarters restructured to BI Group LLP.
Construction volume increased. Project and construction works on 17 objects are carried out. Besides residential complexes, the company launched the construction of administrative and office buildings. The share of supply comprised 12% of total volume on the Astana real estate market.
Income level decline in 2008-2009 and global financial crisis suspended active development of the company. It was difficult time – the staff was reduced, the capacities were shut down. There were various projects – from irrigation canal laying in Kyzylorda Region to the construction under difficult weather conditions in Khanty-Mansisk (Russia).
Company entered new development level. The construction of a premium-class housing started. Construction project of Parisian Quarter club-type complex houses defined a new tendency of real estate market.
It is one the most successful and efficient year in the company history. BI Group Holding with the staff of 7 thousand people raised its ratings and took a leading position in the building sector of Kazakhstan. Turnover in 2013 comprises 1.2 bln USD. Main drivers were road, infrastructure and industrial construction as well as housing construction for business and premium class customers. Nearly 240K square meters have been constructed, including 3040 apartments, which comprise 7 residential complexes in 2013. Total number of apartments built by BI Group company reached 14K. 342 cottages were erected in industrial construction sector last year, comprising a thousand cottages in cottage villages in general. Main projects run by the company in 2013 were commissioning of the third section of Western Europe - Western China, joining of Arkalyk-Shubarkol and Shalkar-Beineu railway lines. BI Group is the only company, which constructed over 20 large and small bridges last year. Within the 18th anniversary company has realized a vivid and unprecedented project – a cottage construction in 18 days. Surprisingly, instead of scheduled 18 days, the construction was finished in 16 days and 20 hours! The company was recognized as a winner for constriction of Green Quarter in Astana within EXPO-2017, and presented to President N. Nazarbayev a project developed jointly with AEDAS (Great Britain) and AECOM (Australia). The project is featured with advanced energy saving technology and contemporary approach to environmental responsibility.