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Rakhimbayev Aidyn

Head of BI-Group , Chairman of the Board of Directors

A.Rakhimbayev was born in Samara district of East Kazakhstan region on September 20, 1972. He graduated from the Tselinograd Civil Engineering Institute. He also has higher legal education and Master’s degree of Business Administration.

He began his career as an unskilled worker in a construction when he was 16. Besides, he worked as a carpenter, woodworker, bricklayer, plasterer and foreman. In 1995, he and his fellow students founded “AzTEK” company which later became BI Group. A. Rakhimbayev was the Director General of the Company since its foundation and then since 2005 he’s been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BI-Group.

Aidyn Rakhimbayev is the Chairman of the Developers' Association of Kazakhstan, member of the board of “Atamaken Union” National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan, member of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the President of Kazakhstan.

A. Rakhimbayev considers charity as one of the most important things in his life. Thus, in 2004, BI-Group founded corporate fund “Kamkor” later renamed “Zhuldyzai” which had the main task to render material and other type of assistance to children with disabilities and orphans.

A. Rakhimbayev is married, has four children.


He is a member of the Kazakhstani national team participating in the 2008,2013 Dakar Rally;

He is also a bronze medalist of the autocross championship of Kazakhstan;

A. Rakhimbayev was the winner of the 2008 Open Cup of Kazakhstan in winter track racing;

He like reading and family tourism too;


-“Astananyn 10 zhyldygy” medal for significant contribution of the company to recovery and development of the national economy;

-Medal “10th anniversary of the Constitution of Kazakhstan” for charity work in cultural and humanitarian spheres;

-State Order “Kurmet”; 

-Honorary Diploma of the President of Kazakhstan.